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Contact : Flow In [flow@special-solutions.net]

Hi. Welcome to the info pages.

I'm Flow. I have been many things, and will do many more.
At this place, i am a meta media artist, working with paint, sound, light and magic to produce beautiful works of art.
It does not matter where i have been, what beings i have met, what transcendentent truths i have absorbed when you look at one of my artworks, for each can speak clearly and directly to you, the viewer, and any meaning or title i might care to give it, no matter how deeply intended and felt is nothing more than a passing fancy.
I hope that these artworks appeal to people from many walks of life, for many reasons.
i hope that you find wonder and peace when viewing them.
I also hope that you realise that an actual painting, well placed and well lit, can provide a constantly changing vista to enrich your life.
Most, but not all of these artworks incorporate photoluminescent pigments. These are a relatively new invention, based on modern, carefully crafted crystals that shift energy around in the quantum world and allow the artworks to show a hidden side when the sun goes down and the lights are off.
Most, but not all, incorporate modern energy shifting pigments that change colour when illuminated with UV light sources. These allow the paintings to change their appearance radically, depending on the light source. Of course, the spectral composition of daylight is constantly changing throught the day as well. You can get an idea of the range of aspects by passing your cursor over a picture, which will display the artworks lit by UV.
If you are interested, you can go further, and listen to music generated from these artworks.
Thank you, enjoy, and don't hesitate to contact me.